Machinery Diagnostics Consulting Services for Rotating Machinery


"Our goal is to help customers become successful in whatever it is they do. To facilitate this goal, Machinery Diagnostics understands it must provide it's customers a quality service and do so at a fair and reasonable cost" - Ted Lindskog

We are a Leading Provider of Machinery Services in the New England Area

On-site Dynamic Balancing

Performed on-site at your location, Machinery Diagnostics can dynamically balance most types of rotating machinery in the field. This is done in a minimal amount of time, without having to take the machine out of service and without having to remove the rotor to send it out for in-shop balancing.

Vibration Analysis

Machinery Diagnostics is certified in Vibration Analysis. Just as important, we have over 30 years of service experience solving vibration problems with a wide variety of rotating machinery. For rotating machinery, vibration analysis continues to provide the most meaningful amount of diagnostic information available over any other technology.

Laser Machinery Alignment

Machinery Diagnostics can perform laser aided machinery shaft alignment at your facility location. We take into consideration, check, correct and compensate for soft-foot, thermal growth, mechanical looseness, coupling gap and magnetic center during alignment process. We utilize properly sized, pre-cut, stainless steel shims for alignment corrections.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance services (also known as Condition Monitoring) provided by Machinery Diagnostics include: On-site periodic vibration data collection, Total measurement point assessment and fault frequency sets for each individual machine, Reporting includes a color coded “Status at a Glance” table to quickly provide a summary snapshot for machinery condition, Comprehensive reporting that narrow in on specific faults, Corrective recommendations to get the machine back on the road to reliable operation, Return on Investment tracking.

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